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my mercury is in gamma ray

When I saw you last night, I wanted to say,
‘Run away with me, away from the cynics
That this could be the start of something truly real’
But all that I could say was, ‘hey’,
Was, ‘hey’, was, ‘hey’, was, ‘hey’

This new Bloc Party song is so weird, I have no idea what the hell Kele is even talking about. However I can't STOP listening to it, so they must be doing something right. I think this new album could be a vast improvement over their sophomore effort.

Bloc Party - Mercury

Last night I went over to the For The Win! offices to listen to the new Verve record. I've never been a huge Verve fan really, although their show at the theater at MSG was pretty rad and made them grow on me a bit. But the new songs sound promising, and there was free wine and cheese and gossip so it was a good time. Afterwards Mahsa and I went to the Milk Studios BBQ in the (blargh) meatpackign district. Fu Manchu was playing. There was a mechanical bull and kegs and a skateboard ramp thing (dear tall blonde skateboarder guy, hellooo) and a mosh pit and a HUGE fight broke out and a guy bleeding all over the place and also...oreos!? It was a weird party, and felt so California - especially the skateboarder part. Afterwards I went to my friend Jenny's apartment, played with a cat named Spaceship* and then went home.

This is the song for the weekend:

Beck - Gamma Ray

* the cat's real name is Friendship, but i renamed him, because Spaceship just sounds cooler and it's not like the cat really knows the difference as long as it sort of sounds the same. like, i've contemplated renaming Zoe "Bowie"...

happiness is... a sunday at mccarren pool with the breeders + matt and kim

assorted things i'm listening to lately (a semi after the jump recap i guess)