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The MYSTERY Box - Part 1

One of the perks of being a blogger is that sometimes awesome stuff happens to you. After writing this site for 8 years, I have been fortunate enough to experience amazing concerts, travel to new places and meet some of my favorite bands. I also get a lot of mail, both digital and real, full of interesting goodies for me to sample and hopefully fall in love with. Some of the stuff I get is weirdly random, some of it is just plain crazy, but it's all in good fun, which leads me to:

The other day I came to work to find a mystery package had been delivered to my office. It was a GIANT box which took up an entire aisle of space. A person could have fit into it - like my coworker Max, for example. Max, much like me, LOVES free mysterious stuff. He doesn't write a music blog (although he has about 50+ tumblr secret tumblr accounts - I keep asking and he won't tell me what they are - probably something way cooler than Hipster Puppies) though, so I decided to let him in on the fun.

When the mystery box arrived, we tore it open immediately to find a significantly smaller but still exciting mystery box inside. Behold Max's excitement:

Tomorrow come back to find out what is in the box, and how YOU can win all of the stuff in it (and MORE!). Because it's no fun being a blogger if I can't share with you guys too.

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