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Here's the story of a band called HONDURAS

It has been a slow summer, you guys. Pretty much the calm before the (gulp) CMJ shit storm I suppose. I have a lot of inbox wading to do, although all I really feel like doing lately is eat ice cream and post photos of cats on Tumblr. What can you do.

Anyways, let's talk about one good thing that has hit my nearly maxed-out mailbag lately, which is music from a very new Brooklyn band called Honduras.

Here's the background I could dig up: Formed in February of this year, their story starts when Patrick (the lead singer) moved to New York to be a college basketball player and then transitioned into male modeling and Tokyo living (this happens all the time, right?). Whilst in Toyko, he began collaborating musically across the distance with his childhood friend Tyson, putting demos together via Garageband. Upon finding himself back in NYC and over his modeling days, Patrick recruited his non-model college friends Nick and Ben who he used to rock out with in a basement, convinced Tyson to leave Chicago behind for current scene-mecca Bushwick and Honduras was born.

While this may not be the most unconventional friends-and-former-models form a band story ever, I can't deny that I enjoyed their music immediately upon first listen and several of the songs from their debut ep have been stuck in my head for days now. Let's see how this story evolves, shall we? I'm looking forward to it.

Honduras - You're On

Check out more tunes from their debut EP, Ready, No over at the Honduras Bandcamp page.

The MYSTERY Box - Part 1

HURTS perform "Wonderful Life" live at Dot to Dot Festival