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To continue yesterday's story:

Max and I tore open the second mystery box to reveal... a wild smorgasbord of fun and funny items. Being the good sport that he is (I swear I didn't pay him to do this or anything!) Max happily modeled all of the items simultaneously. I don't know if I necessarily recommend this look, but the awesome news is that everything pictured above COULD be yours and more! Aside from the remarkably 80s-tastic pink cropped top shirt and leggings combo, and those spiffy tube socks, there are also two particular items of note:

SWEET RAYBAN WAYFARERS! Pretty much a requirement for occupying anywhere near the vicinity of the 11211 area code, and also pretty much look great on EVERYONE.

A SUPER CUTE 8 gb iPod Nano! I can't even deal with how tiny these things are and they clip to pretty much anything and everything.

This is just the beginning, however. While I'm going to be giving away all of the items above to one lucky IRIR reader, there is a way to win ALL of the items above plus other crazy things like bikes. BIKES! + other free swaggy swag galore. And what do you have to do? WATCH A MUSIC VIDEO AND CLICK ON STUFF.


The video is by Australian indie pop band Strange Talk for their new single Climbing Walls. It will be released on Monday 8/15 - but you can RSVP RIGHT NOW to make sure you are one of the first people to know when it goes live - because to get the free items from the video you have to be QUICK.

Let me be completely transparent here... do I know anything about this band? No not really, but they just released their debut EP and have been compared to Phoenix and Passion Pit so I'm pretty down with that. What I do love, however, are creative marketing strategies and I REALLY love free stuff, so I definitely recommend checking this out.

Disclaimer: I was sent all of the items in this post for free. The items I am giving away are not identical to the ones shown (they are unopened and brand spanking new). The opinions in this post are totally my own. Love you FCC.

SAVED BY THE BELLHOUSE 90s party- Tonight!

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