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still in love with the stills?

First of all, The Stills have posted one song from their new album on myspace. It's called "In The Beginning." Let me just say that a week or two ago my boss brought me into his office and said "listen to this" and played a song. And I sat there and was like "what the hell is this" and his reponse was "The Stills." I didn't even recognize it AT ALL. And considering how much I played and enjoyed their first album, I don't really think that's a GOOD thing right?

Now two weeks later I've played "In The Beginning" three or four times at my desk and seriously... I don't know. It's definitely a departure for them. Hopefully this redbull I'm chugging will give me some clarity on this....

What do you guys think?

Brooklyn Vegan has their tour dates (lots of them!)


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