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the killers will help you understand

I want to eat the Killers with a spoon, they are so fucking good (okay that has to be better than 15 pounds of fuckpuppy in a 10 pound bag or whateverthefuck). Last night was the best show I've ever seen them put on, and you could really tell that they've been working on it. What a difference a few months makes... the last time they played Bowery there were maybe.... 30-40 people there to see them, granted it was all the same people in the front row to the right of the stage last night, but still. Brandon rocked the shiny eyemakeup and his vocals and showmanship were right on. He still doesn't seem 100% comfortable as a frontman (there's always something kind of showchoir or musical theater about him), but he's still very easy on the eyes (and the 16 year old girls... and boys in the audience made that very very clear). The highlight was absolutely the closer of "All These Things That I Have Done," since apparently Brandon somehow cut his hand during "Somebody Told Me" and Jed even noticed some blood on the stage.. they still managed to come out and bring down the house.

Hooray, I'm glad that I went, especially after a sort of disappointing Curiosa performance from them... it was well worth it.

FYI, they show porn at San Loco on Monday nights. That's all...

let the good times....

take your mama out, and your mama's auntie too