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i will always remember these summer days

It's hard to believe that summer is "officially" over with the ending of Labor Day weekend. We tried hard to remember just what we were doing last Labor Day weekend, and all we came up with was drinking too much and getting sick in the back of a cab. While we're pretty sure there was more to it than that, it is safe to say that this Labor Day weekend was far far better. Friday we celebrated Nicola's birthday at the latest popfrenzy! party @ red + black. Morning Theft DJed a great set, including "Night Fever" and my personal favorite Ace of Base's "The Sign." Alex Chow braved food poisoning to come on and spin "Crazy in Love" with the best of them before he was deemed too sick to DJ any longer - but he made a great effort. Overall, it was a fun night and I loved all the guest DJs (and the red velvet cake.. yum!).

The other obvious highlight of the weekend was Motherfucker. All the usual NYC suspects were gathered in the front row for stellstarr*, who rocked the Roxy with their last live performance of the year... so so much fun. The set was a good mix of old favorites (can you call them OLD yet?) from their debut, and also featured a bunch of new songs, including one called "Damn This Foolish Heart" which they wouldn't say the name of but I could see it on the setlist (which Jed has up here). It's hard to believe it was only my second time seeing this amazing band live, and now I'm going to have to wait until 2005 because they are headed into the studio. It was well worth the trip to Mofo though, and thanks to Michael for sharing the jack and coke (even if he probably didn't mean to).

The rest of the party was pretty eventful, one of the highlights for me being dancing on stage with Brian Molloy to Madonna's "Into The Groove" (the DJ was playing some RANDOM stuff before that, which was fun to dance to but still random!) but somehow I missed out on all of the backstage red bull and vodka. This ended up being a good thing in the end, however, since I got to drive a very cute green bug home and probably wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise.

Relaxing on our rooftop as the sun went down was the perfect way to end things, I'd say. We listened to Benzos and drank coronas.... very nice indeed. So another summer is basically over... even though the warm weather will probably continue for a while now, something always feels different after labor day. Maybe it's the NYU student in me that knows that class should be starting now (although people are apparently already jumping off buildings again...). Luckily this week looks to be filled with great stuff, including a solid weekend of good shows, but more on that later, back to work with me!

well we all knew this was coming...

this is how i motivate you to go across the street and get me pizza