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stir it shake it up

I went to see Madonna last night. For a 47 year old woman, she can seriously get down. I was impressed with the show, which was elaborate, but not so much impressed with the lack of air conditioning (apparently Madge thinks her vocals are better in a sweatbox... yuck).

Tonight I'm going to see Panic at the Disco... so this week is pretty weird and uncharacteristic for me (although I did see five indie rock bands on Tuesday to try to balance things out. Laura and I will both be at the show tonight, freaking the fuck out most likely. Have you seen her new blog yet? It is magical.

Oh, and according to my interns they do a Smashing Pumpkins cover in the show. Which warms my heart, even though it could potentially be horrendous. We shall see.

Speaking of my interns, apparently we don't give them enough work to do so they have started a blog, which you should read here.

It's pretty good, but I think they could def. mention Tally Hall more.

funny and/or ironic

the ONLY show you actually need to be at Friday..