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a river of ambition : beat radio

I know I have heaped praise upon the brooklyn band Beat Radio before on this blog, numerous times infact. But honestly their stunning performance Saturday night at Matchless in Brooklyn left me practically speechless.

I don't even know if I could name one other band right now, at least from around here, who are so genuinely brilliant and yet so terribly underrated. Brian Sendrowitz's heartfelt lyrics ALONE I think make it impossible to not fall in love with Beat Radio and then have them break your heart (but in the best way possible).

The band will be playing a special acoustic performance at Cross Pollination next Tuesday, upstairs at Pianos. Come join Rachael and I for some pinot grigio and songs about love and other things I know nothing about but wish I did.

Beat Radio - Elegy

Beat Radio - Another Loveless Anthem (amazing amazing lyrics)

And don't forget that you can download Beat Radio's ENTIRE DEBUT ALBUM for FREE (YAY!) at their website! So. Awesome.

Hooray to Pat and Chris for putting on an awesome show at Matchless, but next time someone had best play fooseball with me!


blog show or ruby show. you decide.