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i have no idea what to make of this : rilo kiley shakes their moneymaker


so Rilo Kiley are coming out with a new album this year, but i have no idea what to make of the first single from this record. i mean Jenny Lewis was always a sex symbol (i've heard enough of my indie rock listening male friends declare their devotion to her to last a lifetime), but this time around girlfriend is getting down with her bad self. portions for foxes? fuggetaboutit!!

If (when) I dj this song in the very near future, I would put money that some girls end up shaking it on the bar ala "pour some sugar on me." rraaaaaaaaaarrrr!

the song also comes appropriately paired with a softcore porn themed video.

i dunno about all of this. it's a whole new thang for Rilo Kiley... that's for sure.

Rilo Kiley - The Moneymaker

The album Under The Blacklight is out August 21st.

1. Silver Lining
2. Close Call
3. The Moneymaker
4. Breakin' Up
5. Under the Blacklight
6. Dreamworld
7. Dejalo
8. 15
9. Smoke Detector
10. The Angels Hung Around
11. Give a Little Love

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