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4 pretty songs i chose cause ilu

well, i probably don't even know you, but ilu for still even reading my blog! hahaa...

Unless you are living under some sort of gianormous rock or instinctively tune out ipod commercials like it's your job, you know that Coldplay have a new album out and people are blogging the SHIT out of it. but really, i shouldn't say "shit," because everything I've heard (except... the single, actually?) i have actually really liked. but this song, Strawberry Swing, in particular i loved when i first heard it. it's just very simple and lovely, something you'd expect from someone who has children named after fruits and biblical characters, no?

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

I have seriously been procrastinating writing about the Acorn for OVER A MONTH now, after I caught this Ottawa band play a great intimate set at Sound Fix records. They actually played four back to back shows during their NYC visit, including a Brooklyn Vegan party, in promotion of their new album Glory Hope Mountain. They make folk rock that people like me (who worships the Smashing Pumpkins if that is a good example) can totally fall head over heels for. I will say that I prefer their spirited live performance to their recordings, but they have a LOT of ukeleles! Fun!

This track is actually from their EP, but it's one of my faves

The Acorn - Crooked Legs


But seriously... if people are blogging the shit out of the new Coldplay album, then I'm not really even sure HOW to describe the blog-o-frenzy that is brewing for this band. Fleet Foxes are five guys who are from Seattle who make nice music together. Their debut self-titled album has been released on Sub Pop, who put out lots of nice music, and the singer's brother wrote this really sweet bio about them. And they aren't too hippie-dippie folk for me either. Wow, this review of mine is really sucking, but you've read about this band so much it doesn't really matter, right? Anyways, so far this is my favorite Fleet Foxes song, enjoy! Oh, and their NYC shows already sold out, so sucks to be you (and me also... boo).

Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood

And FINALLY, I am super stoked because EARLIMART are already putting out a new album! Holy potatoes! Didn't Mentor Tormentor come out like... yesterday? No matter, I love Earlimart and this track doesn't disappoint (although it's not mind blowingly different from anything else they have put out, so maybe that's not SO good... but not so bad either). Hymn and Her will be out on Majordomo on July 1st! Sahweet.

Earlimart - Song For

I wonder who the song is for? They don't say.


Have a nice weekend!

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