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i adore earlimart

Something that makes me kinda sad sometimes is that I don't have a lot of friends who are fans of LA band Earlimart. I have loved this band ever since an exboyfriend of mine who worked at Palm Pictures for a summer handed me a copy of their last album Treble and Tremble, and whenever I make a mix cd for someone I will always try to include at least one Earlimart track.

From beginning to end I thought Treble was such a gorgeous record, and I used to DJ "The Hidden Track" at bars all the time. Some reviews I read said it was a bit eerie how much lead singer Aaron Espinoza sounds like his close friend Elliot Smith (to whom the album was dedicated and about whom I feel the majority of it was written about), but having always loved Smith as an artist it was actually quite easy for me to embrace Earlimart's sound as well.

The best news is that Earlimart finally have a new album coming out next month (August 21st) called Mentor Tormentor which they are releasing on their own imprint after a lot of band/label turmoil. What I have heard so far, I like just as much as any track from Treble, so hopefully this time around I'm crossing my fingers that I can convert some of my friends to Earlimart fans aswell.

Earlimart - Everybody Knows Everybody

Earlimart - Nevermind The Phonecalls

Earlimart are also playing at Joe's Pub on August 28th!!! Absolutely a show worth checking out!

Oh, and they have a blog, too.

photo from woxy

ATJF - you should totes be there!

where my ladies at?