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the party and the hidden track

Wednesday night I went to the Spin party @ Webster Hall... big surprise. Well, the open bar was a nice surprise for me at least, and the free Garnier products lying everywhere (the "surf" hair spray is amazing, let me tell you). All of the bands were great, even though Lady Sovereign apparently copped an attitude and refused to perform when she was scheduled to because no one was there. I guess her bratty persona is pretty much accurate... Lee Lee Sobieski is super tall and was dragging her not as tall or hot boyfriend all over the place. I loved Nightmare of You even though they sounded NOTHING like I expected them to. Also, everytime I see Death Cab for Cutie, I love them just a little bit more than I did before. That's a crappy review, but I do really like the raspberry flavor of Absolut vodka, so there you go.

The best/worst thing about the whole event was that no one was there. So you could get really close to the front, but it was just weird to see such huge acts performing to such an empty room. Oh well... see you when Spin turns 25...?

Last night I went to Mercury Lounge to catch Earlimart's early show (that sounds funny). I had never seen them live, but fell completely in love with the album last fall. While it will always be linked to an ex-relationship which makes it a little more sad and painful - yet also completely beautiful - of an album for me than it already is, sometimes those records are your favorites. I was happy to see that Treble and Tremble translates wonderfully to their live performance, and the highlight for me was the gorgeous "A Bell and a Whistle" which is the perfect way to usher in Fall.

Earlimart - The Hidden Track

"The Hidden Track" used to be one of my favorite songs to DJ, and I will def. be bringing it back at The Skinny this Saturday so come say hi. I'm there from 10-4, and starting in October, officially the first Saturday of every month.

the darkness return...

everybody loves a good benefit