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CMJ 2009: Fanfarlo at The Syndicate Party

CMJ '09 has begun and here is the beginning of my fairly half assed coverage! Seriously, I apologize for my lack of updates and at the same time I don't. The career aspect of my life has taken off, and subsequently taken me off blogger for the majority of my time. I really have mixed emotions about this, considering how long I have been writing this blog and how far it has taken me both personally and professionally. I still love music, but my energy levels now for checking out shows and keeping on top of the "scene" are far different from what they were when I was starting out here at 22. Nevertheless, CMJ never fails to excite and overwhelm me, and I haven't stopped listening to music and twittering and tumblr-ing (?) so... I'm glad if anyone is here still reading, and I appreciate all of the nice emails and submissions I get so keep them coming!

So far my favorite band I've seen has been Fanfarlo at last night's Syndicate party, in between sipping some tasty Hornitos Sunrises and chatting with old friends from back in my music industry days. Fanfarlo were lovely, sported every variety of plaid imaginable, and I want to see them every single day (and I probably could since they are playing EVERY DAY of CMJ). Get a copy of their album Reservoir and see them if you have the chance!

Fanfarlo - The Walls Are Coming Down

Fanfarlo - I'm A Pilot


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