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Yay it's Friday and the snow is melting and I'm back to tell you about another residency that is going on. Actually I waited until the end on this one, but that's ok because you save the best for last - right...? SO:

Savoir Adore make pop rock sound mad sexy. I mean seriously, listen to the track I am posting below and tell me there isn't something seductive going on there. Lead by Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro, this Brooklyn-based band apparently started "on accident" and judging by their full length debut In The Wooded Forest - accidents never sounded so good. Rrarr!

Anywho, they will be taking the stage next Thursday at Cake Shop with the equally great Ennui, Red Wire Black Wire and one my absolute favorite local acts The Bloodsugars (whose album made my top 20 of 2009 so you know I am serious!).

Savoir Adore - Bodies


See you knew this blog was good for something. Shoot an email to and put SAVOIR ADORE in the subject and send me a link to the cutest baby animal video you can find on youtube and two tickets will be yours.

I will also be DJing at the show, so come say hi and we can talk about how cute baby animals are and take tequila shots. Yes!!!

Here is an example of what I am looking for:

(also can I just say that I love this flier, and it looks like they are manipulating a glow in the dark brain like a ouiji board. i'm sure that is what they were going for)

Sound Through Sight: Last Minute Awesome Show (TOMORROW, Friday 2/19)

annuals - "sweet sister" ep