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art + booze + bands = sweeeeeetness. sigur ros @ moma etc.

when you combine three great things into one, generally the result tends to be pretty fucking fantastic. a good example of this is the special Sigur Ros concert that happened at MOMA on Tuesday night. my friend Chris was lucky enough to somehow score tickets (I NEVER manage to get tickets to anything because i am a broke ass procrastinator!) and he took me along. there was free vodka/ginger ale and free grolsch beer (which i like pretty much 99% because of the bottle alone).

there were art installations by Olafur Eliasson called Take Your Time. Since the doors opened at 7 and the band went on at 9 we basically did just that and roamed around the various light-centric exhibits, which were neato - although the security guards were REALLY grumpy and got pissy with me for touching the moss wall! what is the point of having a wall made of moss if you can't TOUCH it. well, actually, the point apparently was that you were supposed to smell it! it was stinky. Eliasson is the same guy who is doing the crazy man made waterfalls in the east river, btw.

I had never seen Sigur Ros before and really couldn't call myself a huge fan - but it was nearly impossible to not get completely wrapped up in them on Tuesday night. The band played for nearly 2 hours and their lush sound was the perfect accompaniment to the environment of MOMA and Eliasson's equally soothing installations.

Beev has more photos and a set list over here.

Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook

Another example of how three awesome things can combine into one even MORE awesome thing is this new track by N.E.R.D which features Santogold (what doesn't feature Santogold lately? the girl is EVERYWHERE! i heart her) and Strokes hottie mcfrontman Julian Casablancas. and it is seriously THE BEST THING EVER. it could rule the world (possibly sharing duties with Chris Martin?). well... maybe not quite, but i have had it on repeat all. day. long.

N.E.R.D - My Drive Thru ft. Santogold & Julian Casablancas



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