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a week of blogging in one entry. woo!

This week has been kind of boring, but the weeks leading up to it were anything but. I gotta say though, I'm happy that february is OVER. it is one yucky month. and now the sun is shining and the birds are defrosting and all is well. yada yada yada.

last night my friend Jason took me to go see Rob Dickinson who was in the Catherine Wheel. Rob was pretty awesome, and has a great voice and a lot of groupies. He played this one song that was totally amazing called "Delicious" and I can't find an mp3 of it anywhere. Someone SEND IT TO ME.

in the meantime, listen to this other Catherine Wheel song, which I am also enjoying.

Catherine Wheel - Crank

After the show, I drunkenly played some skeeball in Greenpoint. Skeeball = best. G train = WORST.

Tonight I am SUPER excited, because I finally get to see Mason Proper, a band that I really love and have been dying to catch live. They are playing at the soon-to-be-defunct sin-e. They play at 8pm, with A Brief Smile and Project Jenny, Project Jan.

Here are their tour dates also:

Feb 22 - The Empty Bottle - Chicago, Illinois ^
Feb 23 - KeweenAwesome Fest - Houghton, Michigan
Feb 28 - The Drake Hotel - Toronto, Ontario
Mar 2 - The Lizard Lounge - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mar 3 - Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, New York
Mar 8 - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mar 10 - The Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mar 24 - The Subterranean - Chicago, Illinois #
Mar 25 - Mad Hatter Club - Covington, Kentucky #
Mar 27 - Lager House - Detroit, Michigan #
Mar 28 - The Horseshoe - Toronto, Ontario #
Mar 29 - The Mezzanote Lounge - Syracuse, New York #
Mar 30 - The Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge, Massachusetts #
Mar 31 - The Gramercy Theatre - New York, New York #

^ = w/ Arbouretum

* = w/ Stars of Track and Field

# = w/ Birdmonster (YAY FOR BIRDMONSTER!!!)

Mason Proper - My My (Bad Fruit)

Mason Proper - Miss Marylou Carreau

Mason Proper - 100 Years

We also played them on the BLOG SHOW a week or two ago. Good stuff. ALSO there is a new blog show today where we feature:


Click here to go and listen.

Finally, as a sort of preview for next week's blog show, and because Jason works with this band and got me all excited telling me they will be down in Austin for SXSW, here are some hot songs from the Cinematics.


Cinematics - Keep Forgetting

Cinematics - Rise & Fall

guess i don't watch enough television

oohla la la la