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Tally Hall - NEW Album "Good & Evil" out in ONE WEEK! Tour Dates!

One of my favorite parts of having a music blog over the past 8 years is definitely the people I've met along the way - including several people who I now call some of my closest friends. Amongst that group are the five fine gentleman of the rock-pop band Tally Hall (if you don't know how I feel about them as a band yet, you either have never read this blog until this very day or live under a rock). Over the past six years since we first met, the band rose to prominence as a much beloved indie band (seriously some of the most devoted fans I have ever encountered) ready to leap off the college circuit on to big big things.

Those big things translated into moving to Brooklyn from their hometown in Michigan (yay!) a signing to major label machine and my former place of employment, Atlantic Records. And there in lies what one might take to be the "Evil" bit of their sophomore release which has been more than a few years coming - "Good & Evil." Because while the band was eager and ready to write and record some of the best, more mature and intricate and meaningful, songs of their career (the Good?) - the label had some decidedly more lofty plans. Radio hits! Radio hits! Radio hits! Etc. Etc. and vomit. Because we all know RADIO hits means so damn much these days in the world of growing and nurturing indie talent... sigh. Time went by and frustrations grew.

In the end, while fans waited patiently and impatiently all around to hear something new from the group, the band finally managed to take back control of their musical careers and most importantly the album they had spent so much time creating together. Good & Evil will finally be released - next week! - on the label that did nurture them - QUACK Records. Icing on the cake, a tour is also planned this summer with support from some great local Brooklyn acts (dates are below).

I've had a copy of Good & Evil for a while now, and have held it close to me even when fearing it would never see the light of day. Because that would have been a huge shame - it is an really excellent piece of pop/rock mastery. Old school fans will be excited to hear some of their favorite live tracks such as "Turn The Lights Out" and "Misery Fell" in recorded form - the album was produced by Tony Hoffer (Beck, Depeche Mode, Belle & Sebastian) - while new gems including "Out In The Twilight," ballad "Who You Are" and endlessly catchy single "You & Me" will delight anyone whose ears love well crafted, multi-layered pop. There are definitely some more experimental and dare I say psychedelic moments on Good & Evil as well as the band has grown beyond the mini-mall goofball antics of their youth and into much more appropriately growth up territory.

In the end I couldn't be happier for my friends and especially for their fans who have waited so long - it was definitely worth it, I'd say. And if you haven't ever listened to Tally Hall, there is no time like the present. Pre-order your copy of Good & Evil here and it will be available on June 21st in CD, digital and vinyl formatting.

Tally Hall - You & Me

One last night - if you happen to be a Tally Hall fan, their drummer Ross and I DJ together frequently around Brooklyn. Below is a flier for our upcoming 90s dance party SLAMMERTIME at Union Hall, which will be one of our last before he heads off on tour. Come on out!

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