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tally hall, welcome to: a major label

that's right kids, the world is about to get a lot more Tally Hall in it, and to me that is NOTHING but a good thing! the boys finally inked their deal with Atlantic Records, which will eventually lead to the re-release of their fantastic album Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum along with a "top secret project" that I will obviously be trying to get more information about when I see the boys tomorrow night. The color tie wearing lads from Michigan are headlining Knitting Factory tomorrow (Tuesday) night and if you have never seen this band before or are one of the MANY Tally Hall devotees, this show is obviously not to be missed.

Also on the bill tomorrow are (though I guess not anymore) label mates of the Tallys, a band that I missed at SXSW because I was fetching some (tasty) cookies, called Great Lakes Myth Society. While I cannot profess to being the biggest country music buff, this band (also hailing from Michigan) throw in just the right amount of folk and rock on their second album, Compass Rose Bouquet to keep me entertained. There is def. something rather "Shins-esque" about a lot of their tracks, so if that strikes your fancy, make sure you get to Knitting Factory a little early.

Tally Hall - Spring and a Storm

Great Lakes Myth Society - Hey Days

Great Lakes Myth Society - Summer Bonfire

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