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a spardka party

so i've been trying to get nicola to write a blog entry all week about the bands she has been seeing while at SXSW. but to no avail, because she was busy drinking spardka and sharing gossip (my phone is maxed out on drunken text messages!). anyways, through the texts one band she mentioned that sounded interesting to say the least was Gogol Bordello, who in her words are:

"a mix of franz ferdinand + fiddles + pirates + accordians +acrobats"

oh my.

honestly i have no idea what to make of it. sounds interesting at least? here are some mp3s.

otherwise it was a quiet weekend, besides djing for 7 hours to people wearing divo hats and sporting some side pony tail action. someone actually requested Kasabian and the Kaiser Chiefs though. gotta love it.

Lots of good shows this week though not sure what I'm particularly excited about.

- tickets for Go! Team @ Canal Room still onsale here

- the Thermals w/ sure to be hilarious opener Fred Armisen are playing Knitting Factory tomorrow, get tickets for that here.

- if ANYONE has an extra QOTSA ticket for webster hall PLEASE LET ME KNOW. please. please. please.

- also, the Weezer single finally leaked and you can download it (the version that was played on the radio, mind you) here. I think it's pretty disappointing but as with all Weezer releases I think you have to wait for the full album before making a judgement.

too much bacon and too much crowded

take this with your valium.