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my blog becomes a holiday party

last year nicola and i threw a holiday party. it was in brooklyn, and all the people we had dj have gone on to fabulous things like huge awesome job promotions and hot new albums... that sort of thing. but a year ago we subjected them to mistletoe and santa hats and jello shots and... okay... some thugs here or there. this year we are going for a more indie rock friendly approach by moving our party to Rothko and adding a few of our favorite bands (much like raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens and whathaveyou) to the mix.

so with that I'm very excited to announce tinselfrenzy!, a lineup of five bands that you seriously need to watch out for in 2006 - four locals and one band coming in from my fabulous hometown. please save the date and come celebrate whatever festivus you desire.

like PBR? look no further:

just sayin!