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take this with your valium.

thanks to everyone who came to red and black last night. you guys really love your guinness! george was going to attempt the irish bomb thing but didn't. everyone i work with is hungover. the only thing i like about st patricks day is that it's billy corgan's birthday.

now i will sit here looking out the window and hoping the weather stays nice for the rest of the weekend. that would be a treat.

tonight, if st pattys didn't totally kick your ass, i recommend heading over to crash mansion to check out Arbor Day, a former NYU band that i love. their songs make me think about sunny california, and hey... there's a horn section! a theramin! Dileepan! hooraaaaaaah. they play at 9:45 and it's free to get in before 11 if you rsvp. and they do that open bar thing that you like so much from 9-10.

arbor day - napoleonic

arbor day - duran duran

also, Audrey and Dennis will be DJing @ Lit tonight for the Aktion Party. The last time Audrey djed there, Lizzie McGuire came and James Iha played cheesy boybands. If that doesn't sound like a good time, I don't know what is.

And speaking of sunny california... plans for the great winglady Coachella roadtrip 2005 are coming to fruition. if you have ever driven x country or lived somewhere between chicago and los angeles, please tell us where to go and what we have to see! we have two weeks and a car and a sense of adventure. point us in the right direction.

have a good weekend.

a spardka party

dear morons at sony music,