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you can have it all

I'm really supposed to be packing for Lollapalooza, not blogging. But I just have to say... god damn if the Kaiser Chiefs aren't a great live band. I love front men with energy and personality and Ricky Wilson has that in spades. Actually, so does most of the rest of his band. This makes for entertainment at its best, a sweaty dancey singalong night. Ricky frequently jumped into the audience, pulling a girl on stage at one point to adorably dance with him during "You Can Have It All" and giving up his mic to audience members who frantically screamed along and everyone seemed to know the words to each and every song.

Openers The Cribs were great aswell, but you already know how much I love those boys. Their one guitar player/lead singer is a little bit nuts on stage (and was visably wasted by the time their set was done, chugging an entire heinekan while (I believe) still playing the song... sort of.

Ok, I am half packed and leaving for the airport in an hour. Later people!

a long time ago, we used to be friends

tomkat didn't come to southpaw last night but everyone else did