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Lollapalooza is over. Which is sort of awesome really because standing around in 109 degree heat is just not my thing. Actually... I'm pretty sure that isn't most peoples cup of tea. But despite the heat making the audience wilt, there were some great highlights (these do not include most of the Bravery's set, obviously..).

One such bright spot that didn't involve the torturous sunlight was the "reunion" of the Dandy Warhols and members of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Rumours that Anton would join the stage with Courtney and company during the Dandy's set were circulating Saturday afternoon, and by sundown on Sunday, that's just what happened. Anton and Matt Hollywood came on stage for two songs (I have absolutely no idea what these songs were) and it was a bonafied Dig! jamfest.

Doesn't it look like they are about to make out in that picture? Aww... Courtney and Anton sittin in a tree... Anyway it was a nice moment in an overall really boring Dandy's set. I think Courtney spent most of the time trying to look pretty (which worked in the 90s but... well... yeah).

But incase you were worried that Anton has lost his psychotic "edge," never fear. He almost punched Last Night Party's Merlin Bronques in the face to avoid having his picture taken at the afterparty at the Double Door on Saturday. Awesome.

More on Lolla coming soon...


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