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la la la la we should be friends

Last night's Benzos show = so so good. I don't think I've ever loved the song "Warm Road" as much as I did last night, even while someone was flinging me about. I don't know how they fit so many people on stage, but I guess if the Polyphonic Spree can do it, then anyone can. And the sound they produce is more than worth it. I did enjoy Robbers On High Street more this time around then when I first saw them at Southpaw, a lot of their songs just sound very similiar which can get monotonous, but they do sound a lot like Spoon so I enjoyed that. The after party at the Dark Room was great, mostly spent discussing my inability to form coherent sentences when trying to converse with members of my absolute favorite bands. If you are in a band and you render me speechless during attempted conversation, it means I like your band A LOT. But I'm working on it!

Tomorrow night is popfrenzy! I could not be more excited for it, especially because our guest DJs are some of my favorite people, Dan and Rob from Morning Theft and CHOW!!! Seriously, Alex Chow makes every night a party night (even when he tries not to), so come out to Red + Black! (Oh, and about the cupcake picture... well it looks good, right? )

vacation all i ever wanted

i can sing "c'mon c'mon"