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monday love songs - birds and bees (and flowers in the trees)

For some reason, groovy electro-pop goes very well when mixed with springtime, which is why my "monday love song" (aka song that i love) on this beautiful day is by Los Angeles group The Bird and the Bee. The band consists of Greg Kurstin (the bee) and Inara George (the bird) -- and I mean how cute is THAT alone. He has worked with artists like Beck and the Flaming Lips (and was in the band geggy tah!), and she has been described as "a modern day Audrey Hepburn with the voice of an angel." The songs on their recently released self titled debut on Blue Note are equally as affectionate as their nicknames, and most make me feel like dancing around in a field with flowers in my hair or somthing (if um... I was ever so inclined to do that).

Just TRY to get this song out of your head and to wipe the smile off of your face when you listen to it.

The Bird and the Bee - La La La

I mean it's called LA LA LA for goodness sake. For more tracks, visit them on myspace

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