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monday love songs - growing up with The Lodger

Get excited kids, because there are another up and coming band from Leeds ready to come over and concur American soil!

Hahaha, I can't even count the number of times I have read variations on that statement in a press release before. Regardless, after reading briefly about this three-piece pop band The Lodger, and then taking a listen to their first single, I will admit that there is nothing unenjoyable about this upbeat goodness. Their debut album, cheekily titled "Grown Ups", will be released in the US on June 5th, and will all the praise the NME has (of course) been heaping on them, it is fairly certain that we will be hearing more about this group very very soon.

The Lodger - Kicking Sand

Here is a link to the video too, where you will see that we are certainly not dealing with any grown-ups here. How old are these kid??? I wonder if babies in the UK are born wielding guitars and drumsticks now and if maybe soon the NME will start visiting playdates looking for new talent... haha.

i'm so glad this really happened!