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interpol leaked (sort of)

If you know me, you'd know that, aside from the upcoming release of Zeitgeist by the Pumpkins, and possiibly a new Radiohead album that has been alluded to, I am MOST excited this year to get my hands on the third full-length album from Interpol. I love getting a new Interpol album -- it is this wonderful feeling of elation that only happens every few years but that brings with it this flood of emotions for me, knowing that I am listening to something that I will no doubt love and listen to until my ears can't take it anymore.

So far I haven't had the chance to see Interpol live this year, but this one track (which is a fairly good radio rip) has leaked. I'm liking it a lot -- it's still very upbeat and it seems like they are still progressing in a similiar yet still awesome direction coming off Antics (the same cannot be said for Carlos D's sense of style, unfortunately...).

Here it is.

Interpol -Heinrich Maneuver

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