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two shows! two shows!

First of all, EVERYTHING IS SOLD OUT THIS WEEK. Well, not exactly, but all the big shows that I would love to have gone to if I had a lot of disposable income (I do not) are. In any event, I still managed to come up with two shows (there are def more than this but i only have time to blog about two right now!) you should check out this week if you are so inclined. And one of them is FREE (although this means you should probably get there really early!). I actually think I might try to get into Arcade Fire tonight and have coerced the boyfriend to come up to 175th street with me, so cross your fingers for us. Anyways...

I don't think I have to tell you why you should go see Beat Radio, because I have said it a THOUSAND TIMES ALREADY, but this band is amazing, so please go. And if you haven't already, go download their ENTIRE album for free on the internet. I wish more bands did things like Beat Radio...

I have never really been much of a HUGE Strokes fan. I mean, I LIKE them fine, dont get me wrong, but I have never been over the moon about this band - my little sister is a different story. I guess that's why I wasn't exactly freaking out either when I heard that Albert Hammond Jr had a solo record out. Then when I was in SXSW we managed to sneak into the Blender party and discovered that he was about to perform and I found myself really enjoying his simple yet entertaining set and discovering that Albert is a very capable front man! Since returning from Austin I've given Yours To Keep a few listens and found it just as good as his live set, so this free show at Hiro on Thursday is def. worth checking out. Oh, and I hear he is single now so if that is any incentive to the ladies... there you go.

Albert Hammon Jr - Scared

Beev also has all the info you need on the two free YYYs shows TODAY, where you can wear masks and be filmed and what have you.

forget radio rips, love Interpol

monday love songs - it's all behind you