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the cribs: new album, sounding great, no blood, aging well

I suppose the headline for this entry pretty much says it all, but last night The Cribs seriously rocked Mercury Lounge. I've loved this band for about three years now - three adorable brothers with catchy songs and tons of crazy energy is hard NOT to love as far as Im concerned. The band have a new album coming on Warner in the US July 17 (digital May 22), which was produced by Alex Kapranos - I'm currently reading his "Sound Bites" book, btw, and it's not half bad but it makes me REALLY hungry every time I read it. Oh and the album is titled Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever. Clever. I have Cribs needs.

It was still a bit difficult to assess the new material at the show, but the songs from The New Fellas got HUGE reactions. The last time I saw the band they were opening for their friends (and my faves) Kaiser Chiefs at Webster Hall, so it was refressing to see the boys rock out a much more intimate venue. Big A+ also to the dancing/flailing/moshing crowd last night at Merc, who OKAY may have mostly been brits (I am not sure on this) but really did add to the live experience. See, kids, having fun makes shows better! OH, and there was NO BLEEDING AT THE MOUTH. We thought we saw some for a minute, but no. Good, clean, injury free fun and some booty shaking too!

The Cribs - Men's Needs

The Cribs are playing Merc again tonight with the awesome Ra Ra Riot (you can probably get tickets if you show up at the venue, it wasn't totally overcrowded last night at all), and then have dates the next day in Boston and then at Bamboozle. You can also see some great photos of last nights show over here.

ALSO, I can't talk about last nights show and NOT mention White Rabbits, who are honestly going to the THE next NYC band to make it big in my opinion. They weren't quite as bombastic at at Merc for me as they were at Luna Lounge a few weeks ago, but their album Fort Nightly is solid from beginning to end. Big things for these lads.

White Rabbits - While We Go Dancing covers the show here including one VERY VERY VERY hot cribs photo that I kind of want to print out and hang over my bed. Yay.

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