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more love letters and songs about goats

So I have been taking a lot of dayquil lately, and was pretty doped up when we recorded the latest BLOG SHOW, but you should go listen to it now anyways, because I think it's pretty amusing, and we play music from bands that I love including Aberdeen City.

It was over a year ago that I wrote a love letter to the band, in which I mentioned that it might be a good idea if their very cute but also usually very wasted guitar play try to take it down a notch.

Judging by their show at Merc last week, that hasn't really happened. But I still absolutely love this band, and I haven't been able to stop listening to this song all week. We play it on the radio show, but you can download it here too.

Aberdeen City - Mercy

Anyways... tonight Rachael and I are djing at the Skinny, and she promised me that I could play this song.

Because clearly I'm just 16 going on 17. Yodel-yay-he-ho.

Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up

brain freeze just from being outside

just when you thought it couldn't get any more indie