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nora and nicole the girlfriends

okay so i know i owe all of you an update and what not, but that's just going to have to wait. because first off, we have a great story! tonight we were at Niagara, for some reason.. because someone was djing and buying drinks and looking hot and jewish and whatever.. anyways...

we walk in, and Alex from the Madison Strays introduces us to his friend, Gregory, who takes my hand and kisses it. I like this, I mean, what's not to like? But then, as he walks away.. I'm thinking to myself.. HEY, that guy looks really familiar.. oh wait... oh my god... it's GREG THE BOYFRIEND!

I grab Nicole and I tell her who it is, and she freaks out. See, we have been reading Greg's weblog since he started it this past week, and we love him. Seriously. He fucking rules, and writes all this great shit about being the modern Lloyd Dobler and sleeping in cars and making out with strippers etc. etc. So finally, after many more drinks and persuasion, I get Nicole to go outside and ask him if it's really him. And it was! Then he had Nicole call the strippers from LA, picked her up and spun her around, and was geniunely stunned that anyone would know who he was. Finally they came back inside and I got to meet Greg myself. I can't believe no one has ever recognized this guy! He's HOT!

So in the end, we love Greg the Boyfriend and scared the shit out of him all at once. Story of our lives.

Goodnight all.

and also...

Reading Levels: Ages 9-12