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i buy jager shots for djs

80 dollar bar tab? oh the pain.

but hey, i got very very drunk. we started at Mercury Lounge to see the mosquitoes. Was pleasantly surprised to see Turco was working the door and working a (hot?!) new haircut, so I got in for free and started to drink myself retarded because the exboyfriend was meeting me (alcohol is the social lubricant, says Nicole). Then he showed up, but he knew the band so he was talking to them, which was cool because Rob Cucumber showed up (ok that's not his actual last name, but it's way easier to pronounce) and I haven't seen him since we had a big big fight at a CMJ party, he stole my sweater, and then mailed it back to me the next day in a huff.

but Rob was suddenly being cool, and apologized and bought me booze which hey... wins me over. so we watched the band, which was good, and then Nicole showed up and we went to Pink Pony where I inhaled a basket of bread and a really good melty turkey and brie sandwich (go carbs! fuck atkins!), AND some warm chocolate cake. They have a really fucked up scary backwards mirror in Pink Pony. You should go there just to check it out. It's scary!!

After chow, we went nextdoor to Max Fish, which was as always completely crowded and too brightly lit and just annoying. So we went to Pianos, which was filled with hot guys. I spilled some girls Amstel light though, and the music they were playing was horrendous. Ick. So we left after Nicole did a billion jager shots with exboyfriend's roommate. Fun.

Then we went to Lit, where there were FOUR people in the whole bar, and I ran up an 80 dollar bartab and then wanted to kill myself. I bought a shot for the goddamn DJ, mostly because he told me I could play whatever I wanted, but I was too drunk to read the titles on the CDs. There was some drama in there somewhere with the exboyfriend, which is to be expected, and Erik 1 grabbed my ass, but I didn't really mind and usually I would REALLY mind, but naah. He did throw some guy who was repeatedly giving me the finger out of the bar though. Bartenders LOVE to do shit like that.

Somehow I ended up back in Queens, getting the diner waiter to make Nicole a special smiley face pancake that she never ate because she was on the floor calling her brother and leaving him a million voicemails and stealing all my french toast. OH, and Tom drove us the wrong way down Lafayette St for a block and we almost died and had to swerve to avoid an oncoming car, but we didn't, probably because it was his birthday and who dies on their own birthday. Happy Birthday Tom.

Just an FYI, Tom got to spend the majority of his birthday in bed with me and Nicole looking at porn and eating cake. Anywho...

Now I have two hours to figure out something to wear for the Queer Eye party when I make my appearance as Lindsay's date. She's way way hotter than me anyways, so it should be fun. I hope there is a goodie bag with some hair gel in it and tickets to the Producers. That would be excellent.