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it's a dance xplosion!

ok so last night my karma was out of control. Tom came over and we went to meet Nicole @ Josie Woods. Holy fucking NYU flashback Nora. I did a little timewarp, everything smelled like buffalo wings, and then we zipped out of there to check out Vicious. So honestly, I didn't know quite what to make of Bling Kong. My friend said it was kind of like if John Hughes choreographed the Polyphonic Spree (I am not a fan of them either-- it's a cult! Partridge family on crack with bad robes! Best Week Ever told me so. Speaking of which, if you TiVo anything, you'd best TiVo Best Week Ever!).

Lucky for me, I had plenty to keep me occupied. I ran into the Surefire boys, and Jacob showed me his Marx and Engels reading. I can't imagine what would happen if I tried to bring my homework to a rockshow. Hmmmmmmm. Anyways, they were charming as always. I also ran into a guy who used to sit at the desk behind me when I interned at Atlantic Records THREE YEARS AGO, and he remembered me! That was kind of shocking, but also cool. It may turn out to involve dinner or a party or some sort, which I am always up for.

Sin-e was waaay too crowded, and Tom and Nicole and I were wilting from the crowd keeping us beverage-less, so we headed to Lit where Miss Lola Belle made us the most amazing shots I have ever had in my life, called Crocodiles having sex or something like that, part of which involved Jager poured into a martini glass over a cherry?!?!?! Hot damn. My favorite NYC bartender outdid herself, and she's DJing at Red and Black on Saturday. Not to be missed.

Finally we made it back to Williamsburg, to see Big Dave @ Alligator Lounge (not a gay bar!), and were treated to free drinks all night. Tom played Foo Fighters "Low" on the jukebox and I was in musical jumping around heaven. And I spilled an entire vodka tonic all over the bar and no one yelled at me.