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new surefire music is here (and ok, so is winter, but whatever)

Big things are happening for two bands playing Bowery Ballroom this week. The obvious of the two is Arctic Monkeys who, faster than you can say "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah" have jumped on the hype wagon and rode it seemingly overnight into two sold out NYC shows (that I have no tickets for, BOO!). But on top of all that, one of my super favorites -- which you obviously know if you have been paying any attention at all -- Surefire, have been chosen as their openers for the Bowery date. I could not be more excited for these boys, and trust me you do not want to miss this set because this venue brings something out of the band that is without a doubt remarkable.

So in celebration, here are two tracks for you to download from their new EP that I am completely impressed by. And if anyone wants a date to Bowery on the 16th well... you know who to call okay (but um... not in the creepy Craigslist kind of way).

Surefire - Love On The Inside

Surefire - What Else Could I Say

And, for good measure, here is my hands down favorite song to DJ right now.

Arctic Monkeys - Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Update: Got a ticket to Bowery. So I'll be one of the 28395729837235 bloggers there. YAY!

it has been a while

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