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ocean river pond lake stream (sea wolf)

i know i know i know. there are WAY TOO MANY BANDS WITH NAMES INVOLVING WOLVES. and bears for that matter. and probably every animal that indie rock boys and girls were not allowed to have as pets when they were kids. and on top of that, there are certainly no wolves IN THE SEA. despite these two purveying facts, i have to make this statement now:

I love this song by a band called SEA WOLF.


Actually I'm sure my being in love with this song is perfectly acceptable by the general blog reading community. This is the kind of song that I would play for all my NON blog reading friends. I would put it on mix tapes for them. I'm actually reading the book "Love Is A Mixtape" by Rob Sheffield, which is actually pretty great despite having such a super emo title. And if I was to make a mixtape of things that I love right now, this would certainly be on it.

Sea Wolf (album "Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low" on Dangerbird out now) is actually Alex Church who used to be in Irving, and Sea Wolf is ALSO on tour with Nada Surf which is kind of appropriate... you know... sea... surf.... har har. I want to go to the BEACH man....

Sea Wolf - You're A Wolf

(photo from this flickr account

Tonight I'm going to see The Virgins at Mercury Lounge and I think you should too. Also, I went home this weekend and discovered that my little sister had, on her own accord (though I suspect she frequents this blog...) had purchased CDs by Spoon, Kaiser Chiefs, Feist, the White Stripes, and Kings of Leon! This was a proud moment indeed for older sister.

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