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you! me! sleeping!

i am uber tired this week. i think my brain has meltzord. seriously. i'm working at this crazy job and i cannot think straight, and they won't let me listen to music during the day so when it comes time for my much needed 4pm dance party rejuvination it JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN.

so. worst.

but if i was going to have a 4pm dance party instead of slamming dunkin donuts iced coffees like no body's business all day, here is some new stuff I would throw on it:

Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! (with so many friggin exclamation points, how could you NOT be excited. and they are playing mercury lounge tonight. super rad).

The 1990s - Switch (I always confuse this band with the band the 1900's from Chicago, although they are very different - time periods and sound-wise too! but they are fun, and I missed all their NYC shows like a total over-worked loser. they have an album out called COOKIES. num num num).

Mink - Talk To Me (this is some catchy catchy stuff, period. and they opened for Kiss (!?) and Perry Farrell really really really likes them).

i'm djing in brooklyn tonight!

ocean river pond lake stream (sea wolf)