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turkey for me, turkey for you

What a long weekend. I ate a ridonculous amount of thanksgiving foods with the wingladies big italiano family. They gave me a lot of wine and called me a lightweight when I couldn't eat nearly half of what they could and tucked me in five glasses of wine later.

When I woke up, we watched serial killer movies. I like watching these movies on video even though I never go to see them in the theater. Mostly the fun is in trying to figure out "whodunit" although towards the end of the film I have pegged everyone outloud as being "THE KILLER" until there are very few remaining characters. Oh well, at least that way I'm never wrong.

Friday night I djed at Rothko again. I played Fine Young Cannibals. And Peaches and Placebo. And probably other bands that start with P that I'm forgetting. All the drinks were two dollars. People called me DJ and it was like an episode of Full House with more booze. Then we went to the Darkroom. The bridge and tunnel crowd was away for the holidays so we drank tequila and all was good. It was Tracy from Violator's birthday. She and I are starting a new Wednesday party @ Pianos next month that I will tell you all the good details about soon!

- Julie Roberts named her kids funny names like all celebrities seem to do. I still like Pilot Inspektor the best though. Then again, I'm naming my kids after Interpol songs (no, not Obstacle 1 and 2), so who am I to judge...

- My friends are all getting mix cds for Christmas, because I can't even afford a partridge in a pear tree. WTF.

- More reasons I love this franchise: Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood AND Jarvis Cocker are reportedly going to be in the next Harry Potter movie? Wha? However, Franz Ferdinand have turned down a cameo to appear as an all-witch rockband called "Wyrd Wizards." This may or may not be the result of fighting in the band because they are tired and stuff. What a shame.

- Get excited indie boys: Jenny Lewis (the one with the "nice legs" as someone recently said), of Rilo Kiley and the Postal Service is releasing a solo album next year. Rilo Kiley are also apparently playing Coachella next year.

- This reporter compares Dutch Kills to the Smashing Pumpkins.

this just almost made me pee my pants in excitement

the sweetest thing