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- Read Peter's review of the U2 "secret" show yesterday. It almost had me crying at my desk. My second concert ever (after Ringo Starr), was U2's Popmart tour. Brooklyn Vegan also has great pictures.

- I'm djing @ The Skinny tonite. 8-2am. 174 Orchard between Stanton and Houston. Come and drink cheap drinks with me!

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- last night while I was watching the repeat eposides of Season 2 of the Ali G show on HBO I swear to god Bruno, the gay fashionista character, interviewed Justine D and Thomas the Door Bitch (who is also apparently interviewed in Spin this month). Bruno basically got Justine to say indirectly that people with no individual fashion sense should be bused off to camps and go "bye bye." Not even kidding...

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