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a (momentary) break from In Rainbows

Hi all.

Well like probably the vast majority of bloggers and any other musically minded folks, I have spent my morning listening to In Rainbows (the new Radiohead album). and also drinking lots of coffee, which has left me hyperactive, in the best mood ever, and pretty much totally unable to concentrate on this expense report i'm should be working on at the moment. c'est la vie, i suppose great albums + excess caffeine will just do that to you.

Anyways, CMJ is a week away, which is totally nuts. Tonight I plan to sit down and cram with the list of bands playing and figure out how to put my badge to good use. In the meantime, here are some new tracks that make me happy lately.

Having already created some fantastic remixes for local favorites like The Diggs and Pela, it's really exciting to hear that Cassettes Won't Listen will finally be releasing a full length album entitled Small Time Machine. There are some new tracks on the myspace page, including a demo called "Paper Float," and here is another track for you to check out.

Cassettes Won't Listen - Lunch For Breakfast

So... I'm a Rogue Wave fan! Who knew? Not me, but one listen to this gorgeous track, about the lake I grew up next to, and I was hooked. You're probably rolling your eyes and saying "Oh Nora, where have you BEEN" but maybe you aren't doing that and I can make you a fan too.

Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan

Oh my god it's another band with ocean and animal references!! Not to be confused with my other faves Sea Wolf, and my pretty much least faves (sorry kids) Grizzly Bear, Sea Bear hail from Iceland (!) and make very very pretty music about "nature, mortality and love." Awwwwwww, that is lovely. This track from their debut album, The Ghost That Carried Us Away (out now) makes me want to take a nap in a field of daisies while someone braids my hair... or something like that.

Sea Bear - I Sing I Swim

New York band Raven's and Chimes have a song title on their new album, Reichenbach Falls that could very easily be the title of a Bound Stems song. That was my first observation when I read about them. They also, just like Bound Stems, make some great music, well orchestrated Arcade Fire-ish tunes that would be the perfect accompaniment to a chilly autumn dusk (if autumn actually ever HAPPENS in New York this year).

Ravens & Chimes - General Lafayette, You Are Not Alone!

okay, that's enough procrastination. Time to turn my attention back to Radiohead and finances.

CMJ: Indie Outlaw daytime show (After The Jump!)

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