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shock me shock me

So I really like Rothko a lot. Especially the downstairs makeout area (big surprise there...). I heard a rumor about a fully-clothed foursome that went on down there last night. But you didn't hear that from me. Jocelyn and I also discovered raspberry kamikaze shots. Delicious shots, where have you been all my life? Um also... anyone who got a text message last night from me proclaiming my love for you, I'm sorry! I'm sure I think you're great... honest!

I also got to meet Scott Stereogum last night, which was great while I... you know... drukenly told him my URL for this blog and how much I'm obsessed with Best Week Ever and then we ended up mocking our two blogless friends, even though Scott is a way way WAY better blogger than I am. This shit is lame, and I know it, but you're still reading it (I think?).

Musically speaking...
I love Melissa Auf Der Maur'snew song "Following The Waves." I know I kind of missed the boat with this one, but it's really good. And she's my rock and roll idol. If you go to you can download a Morrissey cover by THE KILLERS. Whoa baby. To me it sounds very different from anything the the Killers have done, but I like it!

Oh, and Niagara sucks. A lot. And the bartender wears ugly ugly shirts. That's all for now folks...

99 problems

i bet you think this song is about you