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favorite in the middle (and rob holmes? still hot, obvs!)

Last night we had dinner @ the Waverly, one of our favorites, and we had milkshakes (perfect for subzero temperatures, duh!) and stared at the framed headshots of not even remotely famous people. Awesomeness. Jed had waited far too long for more chicken fingers. It was rewarding.

Then we went to Pianos, found out that we missed Dear Leader and were bummed. Got a drink ticket then we were happy again. We watched the Moirai who are from New Jersey, like Brian Molloy. Hello screamo! Musically I liked them, but the guy just kept on shrieking to the point where I just wasn't into it anymore. I'm Sorry.

We got more alcohol and situated ourselves near the front for Morning Theft. I haven't seen the band play in at least two months now, and I thought they were fantastic. They played three new songs: 'harborlights', 'a song of resigation', and my personal favorite so far, 'second skin' which is actually a song that was written 2-3 years ago and recently reworked, and involves a really gorgeous harmony between Rob and Pete. The band also changed their usual stage formation up a little bit, placing Pat (my favorite) in the middle. Obviously, I loved this. And I think it worked really well musically, too. Check out this great picture of Pat looking like a rockstar. Or a superhero. I can't decide.

We watched a little bit of Fort Ancient and decided to call it a night. I think Jen did a really great job of putting together this line up, and the next Moveable Hype (version 2.0! so geeky and awesome) is shaping up to be just as good. More about my weekend later... it's time to go to the Abbey for 241 drinks and celebrate my night off from DJing. I'll be @ the skinny this Friday instead.

memo to weezer: please let your new single not suck

she made that!