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this show has some kickass fliers. oh... and even better bands! please come.

my weekend was kind of ridiculous... culminating with maybe my best dj gig ever. which actually started off as my WORST dj gig ever. i love when the happens. it was such a rush. unfortunately the night took a bad turn when one of the bouncers at Movida started CHOKING the dj after me. While he was djing! It was the scariest thing, and I just felt so bad for Alex. This bouncer was obviously out of his mind and I guess wanted him to turn the music down so he decided that fighting him in the middle of his set was the answer. Very uncool.

otherwise... I didn't go to Siren. I'm sure you can find 2839275893275 other bloggers who did though. I heard excellent things about Nine Black Alps. Does that help?

tonight I"m going to go drink free sparks and vodka on a boat and listen to The Cloud Room. or at least i think i might...

worst. or should i say durst.

my busy weekend