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i'm going to be late for work!

quick show news:

Aeon Spoke @ Pianos on July 13th and Mercury Lounge July 14th! I wrote about this band a few months ago and they are finally coming back to NYC! Please mark your calendars and come check them out!

and also... Pitchfork loves Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! What did I tell you? Go buy the album now!! And go see them on Monday at Gothamist's Moveable Hype show! GO go go go go!

(psst, don't forget to read their Gothamist interview HERE)

TONIGHT @ Lit, the boys from Franz Ferdinand (remember them?) are apparently DJing downstairs. Last time they DJed, which I think was at Rothko, they didn't actually DJ at all. But they did show up and party...

Also, a great show @ Sin-e tonight includes two of my favorites, Other Passengers (10pm) and Pilot to Gunner (11pm). You can buy tickets here.

A Dirty On Purpose fan? Then this one is for you, courtesy of Loose Record. Enjoy!

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