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"you look like david bowie... but you've nothing new to show me"

These days very little gets me as excited as I get when I talk about/listen to/write about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. And unless you've been hiding under a rock, you guys are all probably pretty aware of that. So now that David Bowie has caught on... well damn. I couldn't be happier for this band that they are getting all the attention and success that they deserve. There's no pretention going on with them, nothing flashy or involving eyemake up or anything over the top. Just a solid enjoyable band that make people happy and make great music. Gotta love that. Last night at Gothamist's Moveable Hype show they were fantastic as always. I may have run out of happy words.

The other highlight of the evening for me was Ghostland Observatory. Two guys, great electronic dance-y songs, a white on white ensemble and rockin pig tails... SO MUCH FUN! We spent most of the show dancing around in the back and loving every minute of it. I'm so excited to be putting on another show for the band this week. They are playing at the Delancey on Thursday at 12:15 with The Diggs. I'll be sharing all the info about that soon, but I CANNOT wait. If you missed them, don't make the same mistake twice. And if you wear white on white, I will buy you a drink. No foolin. If you ask me, Bowie left the building a little too early.

Brooklyn Vegan has a great recap up also. SO MUCH LOVE for CYHSY! Gah.

come out for another night of TRIPLE THREAT
I'll be DJing with Nicole from 11-4am, and as always Lola will be behind the bar slinging booze. YAY!

Tonight we will also be celebrating Billy Corgan being fucking AWESOME, so one dollar vodka and buds from 11-12 and many playings of "I am one" among others. BE THERE!

this will sell out!