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my dress matches my livestrong bracelet. um... wow...?

Happy V-Day.

This weekend was relaxing and sanity restoring, at least it was after Friday's Jagerettes explosion and my dj-napping and whatnot. A lot of friends came out, and it was a fun time, and I've never seen a Rick Springfield song make people so happy. Bachlorette party cheesy fun. Saturday we went to Central Park with the daughter of one of my mother's friends to check out Christo's gates. I was sort of underwhelmed by the whole orange spectacle, but we all agreed it would probably be very cool looking from a higher vantage point.

Sunday night we ate a lot of sushi and watched the Grammy Awards, which were eh... eh... okay. I can't believe U2 won for Vertigo, that was stupid, and they seemed to know it too. I suppose the highlight for me was the Janis Joplin tribute featuring Melissa Ethridge performing so soon after finishing her chemo treatments for breast cancer. Seeing someone rock out like that with the amount of spirit that she showed was really inspirational, and somehow I know my mom would have thought so too.

Oh, and Loretta Lynn is fucking awesome.

Tonight, you know the deal, Kaiser Chiefs + Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. My little sister sent me a box of chocolates, so I will go enjoy them now and watch the new Bravery Video for 'Honest Mistake' that is pretty spiffy concept wise and gives Billy Joe Armstrong a run for eyeliner wearing prize.


everyday i love you... more and more.

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