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coney island//my weekend

Since I'm still playing tourist guide, I take the boy to Coney Island in the rain and took some random pictures. It would be nice if it stopped raining, but that won't be happening until... tomorrow? At least I hope it stops!

Tonight we are going out in force to support Lakota, Jimmy's band. I have to admit the music isn't exactly my thing, but they are all great guys and it's important to support the ambitions of people you know who are fucking cool.

This weekend was completely insane, but a lot of fun. Misshapes on Saturday was excellent, with Audrey playing maybe my favorite set of hers yet. I haven't heard anyone spin Daft Punk's "One More Time" since I was a study abroad student in Florence and it brought back so many great memories! Greg also helped illustrate how crazy a room can get when you throw on Hole's "Violet" and everyone starts singing along, fists pumping in the air. The Brit was especially impressed that both Stellastarr's My Coco, the Killers, and Nirvana were all played, as this would apparently never happen in London according to him.

Motherfucker was an entirely different experience. I have to say that I really liked Spirit much more than Centrofly (except for the bathroom attendants). There's something so massive and gothic about the way its set up, with all the stone staircases and windows looking down on the throngs dancing below. However, having the party at a new venue meant that the first hour that we were there was spent getting lost and unlost trying to figure out where the heck everything and EVERYONE was. Luckily I finally found my friends and also ran into everyone else that I've ever met in the process. Everyone looked gorgeous and amazing, although Jocelyn and Jen tie for hottest outfits of the night, hands down. Of course everything ends at a diner in Queens and dancing to Michael Jackson songs in a parking lot at dawn.

we got lost there once trying to find laguardia...

you bitch