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jagerettes in training

I haven't been DJing much lately because my friends have been throwing great birthday parties and housewarming parties and I hadn't been sleeping a lot. Tonight, however, I'm back and the party is at LES bar The SKINnY and features a JAGERMEISTER promotion from 11pm-1am. The Jagerettes (hot girls with Jager! no foolin) will be handout out stuff like t-shirts, hats, and CHEAP shots of Jagermeister!

So you will get wasted, and I will be on the decks making you dance to the best in indie rock, 80s, 90s, new wave and more (and NO hip hop so don't even ask).

How hot is that? SO hot. Yay.

The SKINnY is located at 174 Orchard b/t Stanton and Houston
10pm til you pass out from all the Jager. We swear.

my dress matches my livestrong bracelet. um... wow...?

this entry brought to you by gianormous starbucks drink + the beats of MIA