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rachael and nora "debate" when emo boys "attack"

first, watch this. i know it doesn't seem like it is going anywhere, but TRUST ME IT IS. then read below! and yes, this is music related because it has to do with a concert so don't get all pissy and i probably will never talk about fall out boy ever again.

rach: did you see that video of the fall out boy fight
nora: no... wait, what?
nora: did they beat eachother up?
rach: go to stereogum
nora: do i have to?
rach: pete wentz ATTACKS
nora:ok FINE
nora: ok right now
nora:he is rapping
nora: or something
rach: just wait
nora: and everyone is screaming
rach: juuuuust wait
rach: just wait
nora: oh SHIT
nora: OMG
nora: kill pete kill!
rach: hahahahaha
rach: how great is that
nora: what the hell WAS that
nora: wait wait
nora: what does he say at the end???
rach: "thats what you get when you mess with my friends mother fucker"
rach: or something to that extent
nora: wow
nora: omg
rach: "That's what you get when you fuck with my friends...fuckin' asshole." quote unquote Pete Wentz, bass player for Fall Out Boy. January 7th 2007, Fall Out Boy brought the Friends Or Enimies tour into the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, NM along with New Found Glory, The Early November, and Permanent Me. At the end of their set during 'Saturday', they started letting people onstage. Security didn't want anymore ppl on stage. A roadie (and comrade) of FOB's was still letting ppl on. That must have pissed off a certain securty guard enough to attack the roadie and bring him offstage and grapple with him. Pete took offense and dropped the mic, jumped offstage and started beating the shit outta that security guard. After the pummel, Pete got back onsatge, grabbed the mic and stated, "That's what you get when you fuck with my friends...fuckin' asshole!" then the band left...but what's even better is...I'VE GOT IT ALL ON VIDEO.
nora: ok first of all
nora: i don't think pete wentz beat the shit otu of ANYONE
rach: hahaha
nora: i mean he may have flailed his little emo arms and legs around
nora: and smudged his eyeliner
nora: but there was no ASS KICKING
nora:actually it seemed like the other security guards
nora:were trying to keep the bouncer from kicking PETES ass
rach: haha i know
rach: tis true
nora: aww little pete
nora:so emo, such nice abs
nora: but sort of out of his mind
rach: hahaha
rach: just a tad
nora: you know, i read this interview once
nora: where he talked about going to a best buy
nora: and sitting in the parking lot
nora: thinking about killing himself
rach: whaaaat
nora: that best buy is totally like four blocks from my house I think
rach: oh jesus
nora: i so wish i would have been there
nora: and like walked by
nora: actually i probably wouldn't have done anything
rach: and saved his life
rach: or not
nora: but said something like "Pete wentz is really short" (just a note, when i DID see pete wentz in person for the first time, that is actually the only comment i had. just an fyi)
nora: haha
rach: i remember seeing him on mtv when he was cohosting the movie awards
rach: and he was sooooo dorky
nora: did I ever tell you, i swear to god i went to summer camp with him
nora: like we made noodle collages together
rach: you should ask him
nora:"dear crazy pete"
nora:"did you ever go to wilmette arts and crafts summer camp at the highcrest rec center?"
nora: circa 1989?
rach: exactly
nora: "if so..."
nora:"i believe we may have a deep bond"
nora:"please respond asap"
nora:"no photos of your genetalia are required"
rach: ps. don't kill yourself

just another note, while there is quite a bit of humour to be found in pete wentz trying to "attack" 200lb + bouncers, there is nothing funny about commiting suicide in the parking lot of a best buy or anywhere else, so please don't do that


this song describes how i'm feeling today