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the coup starts here. or wherever.

Hey people! Here is an idea. And you love my ideas, so work with me here. Go to this poll and fill it all out, and then you can vote for this here site (that would be mine) as best blog. HAha, "yeah right, Nora!", I know you're saying. But c'mon now! We can stage a coup and then who knows... next time you see me I'll be doing commentary on I Love The 90s Part Deux and writing a book about how to find the best vodka tonics in NYC.. and cheapest Sparks (because if anyone would know...) and everything I have learned about the best in assymetrical hair, surviving (kinda) on little to no sleep, and perfecting the drunk dial.

Make all my dreams come true people, it's in your hands!

(ps: did anyone else watch Lost tonight? holy craaaaaaaaaap)

run run run

work might kill me today, but this kind of makes it all better....